Today is a special day, a day we celebrate and honor the women in our lives that have made all of our successes and accomplishments possible. It’s Mother’s Day! Moms deserve their own day. They deserve a bunch of their own days. The way our culture is rigged, women often end up with the lion’s […]

Let’s just state the obvious here: parenting can be really difficult. From the very moment you first bring a baby home from the hospital, overcome with joy and fear all swirled together, the challenges of parenting are very real. Babies, it turns out, require full-time attention just to keep them alive. Who knew? And they […]

When we don’t feel right mentally and emotionally, we find ways to medicate. That medication can take many obvious forms, including drugs and alcohol, sex, and food. It can also take some less obvious forms such as workaholism, binge-watching TV, and constant use of social media. All of these behaviors are methods to either numb […]

I have three teenagers in my house now (well, actually two teens and a twelve-year old who is about to turn thirteen), two of whom are beginning the process of learning to drive. I’m experiencing fear, anxiety, sadness (Are they really this old? Am I really this old?), all mingled with pride and excitement for […]

Everyone faces daily worries about family, health, finances, or jobs. This kind of worrying can actually be a good thing. We worry because we are trying to think ahead, to plan for the future, and to protect ourselves and the ones we love. A little fear when driving in traffic keeps us attentive. Worry over […]

What would you do with $1,000,000? Pay off debt? Buy a new house or a car? Send the kids to college? I love what this Canadian band says they’d do with it! (Don’t let the band’s name throw you off – everyone is fully dressed.)

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17 The image of God as our father can be found throughout the pages of Scripture. And while He is not our biological father in the sense of human beings making […]

Click the link for a short video message from Dave at To Rise Above.

This song put a smile on my face this morning. I just love Tim Hawkins.

No. Man, that is so hard to say, but it feels so good! Try it. Just look at someone sitting near you and tell them no. They will think you’re nuts, but that’s OK. Saying no, it turns out, takes courage and practice. Saying no to some things frees you up to say yes to other, […]