I was following a car on the road the other day with personalized plates that sounded out to read “always busy”. It struck me that our culture has turned busy-ness into something to brag about. We’re proud of how busy we are, as if it is somehow something to strive for. When someone asks how I am doing, my response always includes the word ‘busy’, and the asker always nods and grunts in empathy over our shared situation.

But until this morning, I hadn’t considered that I might be using busy-ness to hide from the pain of slowing down and reflecting on life. Or that I might be staying busy so that I always have a handy excuse for my shortcomings and failures: “Sorry I dropped the ball on that – I’m just so busy right now.”

“And I use my busy-ness as an excuse for why I might not succeed, or accomplish the things I want to, or have the relationships I want to have.” Shauna Niequist, Storyline blogger

If you’re a busy-aholic, read the full (but short and worth it) article below. And let’s start calling busy-ness what it really is: a killer.


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  1. I know the root of me getting caught up in busy-ness is when I have allowed something to become an idol, a place where I am seeking well-being, to feel good and look good so I don’t need God. That isn’t my overt intent, but because I don’t like to feel needy or inadequate, I unintentionally seek ways to fix life or run from the inner cry in my soul that I am not enough, this life isn’t enough and I NEED GOD. I’m not purposely pushing God out of the picture, but it is the big lie that we are capable and our own God so we better make it happen!. Stopping, resting, pondering and praying allows God’s Spirit to invite me into God’s presence. There, I find peace and grace and strength and the truth that HE is enough.


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