It’s hard to believe, but the iPhone celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday, June 29, 2017. What’s hard to believe for me is that it has been only ten years!

Ten years ago we had to go to a computer to connect to the internet.

If we wanted directions we had to consult a paper map or print out a Google Map or MapQuest map before leaving the house.

Ten short years ago we had nothing to fidget with during those awkward moments of silence, sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room or standing in line at the grocery store.

Only ten years ago, if we wanted to know if a friend was available for lunch, or how his date went last night, or where to meet her after work, we had to pick up the phone and call well in advance. If he didn’t answer, we left a message on the answering machine at their house and hoped they would hear it in time.

A decade ago we gave our kids instructions before they left the house about where and when we would pick them up, and then we hoped they would show up on time. If they didn’t, we sat around waiting, wondering where they were, no way to contact them.

Ten years ago we had to wait until we got where we were driving before we could find out what was for dinner.

A decade ago, our pockets didn’t vibrate every few minutes.

We used to sleep in a quiet room without any interruptions.

Ten years ago, we looked at the people we were sitting with. We talked to them. We sat silently with them. We used our creativity to find ways to make good conversation with the people around us.

Ten years ago, we used down time to think, to ponder, to imagine, to wonder, to zone out and rest our minds, to plan, to pray.


How has life changed for you in the past ten years because of the invention of the smart phone?

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