Today is a special day, a day we celebrate and honor the women in our lives that have made all of our successes and accomplishments possible. It’s Mother’s Day!

Moms deserve their own day. They deserve a bunch of their own days. The way our culture is rigged, women often end up with the lion’s share of the parenting duties. And it takes a toll on their wellbeing. Statistics show* that women suffer from anxiety more often than men. They suffer depression more often than men. They are more likely than men to attempt to commit suicide. 56% of moms say they are overcommitted, 70% are tired, and 80% are stressed out, all higher numbers than for the general population of women. Clearly women are facing significant stressors.

Parenting is just plain hard. But imagine parenting a child with a mental illness. 80% of family caregivers for mentally ill children are women, and half of them are themselves suffering from depression (compared to 7% in the general population).

So on this Mother’s Day, reach out and say thank you to a mom you know who is caring for a mentally ill child: depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavior disorders, or bed-wetting, just to name a few. They need those words of encouragement. And they have earned them.

Check out this great article from NAMI on mothering a mentally ill child.

*Statistics from the Barna Group.

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