Well, here we go again. I’ve tried my hand at another video blog. I hope you’ll check it out and subscribe if you like it! In November, I will be transitioning this web site (toriseabove) to something new and improved and I will link to all the videos there as well. I am also beginning […]

I am trying a new format for my blog – it is a video blog (called a vlog), and can be found on my brand new YouTube channel. Once my new website is up and running, the video posts will be available there as well. If you are interested, go to YouTube and search “david […]

I took a chapter from my upcoming book and turned it into a sermon that I gave at my home church, Pathways Community Church, this past weekend. Enjoy!

The mental health ministry at Pathways Community Church in Santee, CA will be offering a 3-month class on the essential topic of setting and keeping good boundaries. The group will meet on Sundays from 9-10:30 am at the church beginning September 17. Contact me at david(at)davidedwardcummings.com for more information or to register. This class is […]

Hello friends, Most of you know that I am working on a book project. I am currently on sabbatical from the University for the sake of focusing all of my efforts on this work. In order to give it my very best effort, the To Rise Above blog will be paused for the next few […]

My friend Nate is a doctor (a real doctor) and sometimes has to spend several days in a row on call. He’ll work a 12-hour shift at the hospital and then spend the next 12 hours with his phone nearby in case of an emergency. Being on alert like that, expecting to be interrupted at […]

It’s hard to believe, but the iPhone celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday, June 29, 2017. What’s hard to believe for me is that it has been only ten years! Ten years ago we had to go to a computer to connect to the internet. If we wanted directions we had to consult a paper map […]

As we consider the growing epidemic of anxiety and depression in America, we must consider the concept of hope. The Bible tells us that the God of the Bible is a God of hope, a God of purpose and future glory for all who follow Him (read Jeremiah 19:4-23, esp. verse 11). Yet the defining […]

Last week I posted some of the more commonly recommended interventions when life hits you really hard, things like deep breathing and going for a walk. But what about in between the bad times? What can you do to increase your resilience to stress during the good times, so that when the inevitable stressors come […]